Our Story

I'd Rather Be. . .  GiftsOn one of my many solitary horseback rides on a beautiful west coast beach I started thinging about all the busy and active people in my life, about how fun and inspirational they were, and how they were all passionately involved in activities outside of the home or workplace.

Most of them would rather be doing anything than be in the kitchen, some lose sleep thinking about their passion, and all of them want the world to know what they love doing!

Using natural fibres, the "I'd rather be . . ." range was developed consisting of linen tea towels & aprons, and cotton pillowcases & t-shirts. What a wonderful gift idea for your passionate friends, they come packaged in a box made from recycled and compostable cardboard.

The range of activities is endless and I know with your input, we will add many more. 

Let us know what you would rather be doing . . .